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Welcome to My website! Check out the facts of the 70's,80's, 90's and pretty soon the 00's. E-mail or E-mail me at:

I hope that I will get a guest book up and running by next month in March.

Plus I'll add some trivia questions about those three decades about music, sports, geography, politics, and more!!

Any suggestions, comments, concerns just E-mail me.

If you have any pitcures of any places you been to in the past. Just E-mail me the pitcures and the info if you have it.

Please come back to my site again and see if it's done!
E-mail me any pitcures of these places with your name and

You can be on my E-mail Mailing list but I would start that until Early March or Late March of this year.
Come back or E-mail Me or

Thanks for your Time!!